Cross Country Collective (C3) – This is How We Do It (leveraging the ‘net/making music)

Some of you know about a remote collaboration I’m involved in called C3. C3 is the brainchild of Fave and The Big La. Here’s the scoop in case you haven’t seen it:

I am pleased to share with you the debut single, “Give it 2 Ya” from our upcoming EP, Contempojazzsoulhop.

Produced by The Big La and Fave
Lyrics written by Fave
Drums and Sampling: The Big La
Electric guitar: Fresh
Keys and Vocals: Fave

It is (and continues to be) a blessing to work with such open-minded, talented and tech savvy brothers. You may download the single using the title link above or from our website. Feel free to share it among your social networks (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

So, how does C3 do it…how do we make this music happen when I’m on the East coast, Fave is down in the Big T and The Big La on the West coast?. We all use Apple’s Logic Studio to compose music on our individual and collective fronts. This little chat transcript is of example of how we make the magic happen…this is me and Big La on GMail chat not too long ago:

Sent at 9:33 PM on Wednesday, August 11
me:  yo….
todd:  sup man what’s goin’ on?
me:  U man…! I saw the tweet and the email traffic about Bra Strap…where
is the project uploaded…wanna do a lil somethin wid it
todd:  ha ha. yeah
it’s at: (upload directory)
pass: xxxxxxx
thought you’d HAVE to do a instrumental solo version
me:  ha….I’m on my way
todd:  in the “C3 Sessions”
me: cool!
todd:  just rock the guitar on top of it
me:  u know it
todd:  some nice reverb and echo, super quiet track…it’s still just a proof of concept
me:  i heard the original….sensual bruh…I’m feelin that
todd:  haven’t tracked it out to 3-4 minutes
me:  no prob…u know how we build!
todd:  fave has an updated one be plays on but haven’t got that session yet
me:  oh ok, I saw the tweets about it, we can grow it all eventually
todd:  wait. i’m late on tweets…ha ah
todd:  trying to get a few tracks done before my creative phase gets put on hold again
me:  i’m there! sup with the other session…more C3 under development?
me:  man, you and Fave…i gotta grow to be like y’all
 todd:  think that’s from fave
 me:  my creative phase has been  on lock! haha
 todd:  yes it is from him
 me:  ok cool
 todd: that’s the one i did before bra strap. i think fave funked it up. downloading now
 me:  cool ima get that too
 todd:  yup GET TO WORK!!! lol
 me:  u know it!!!…gotta get on that insomniatical night owl tip again…hahahah
 me:  Ok, I’m out your box…I’ll get back to you. peace.
 todd:  aight. peace!

There you have it….leverage technology and the net to compose, engineering, mix, and produce this EP. Stay tuned.

All the best,

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Mac Fan/Sys. Engr - NASA planetary missions. guitarist/producer/AFOL/fitness fan/film+TV+sndtrk composer/podcast host/Python newbie coder. Music by me: Mellowly Cool. Find me on X and Bluesky
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