Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 15 Aug 2010

Hello listeners…

Welcome to another (long awaited) edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. I trust everyone has been enjoying this quickly fleeting summer. It’s been dissipating a little TOO quickly for me. In any event, it’s really good to be back, bringing you another collection of chilled tracks for your listening pleasure. I want to take a moment to thank all those who passed encouragement along my way during the hiatus. I trust it will not be as long between podcasts. I enjoyed putting this one together in hopes that you’ll enjoy what it has to offer.

On deck are a number of my fave artists, none new to the podcast, but adding a certain, je ne sais quois (kidding), a certain chilled out, laid back flow for your relaxing moments. 4Hero, Blackfish, Bebel Gilberto, and Afterlife are a few of the offerings on tap. Without further adieu, I bring you…the playlist:

1 – Morning Child f/Carina – 4Hero/Play With The Changes
2 – Hidden Shore – Blackfish/Hidden Shore
3 – Sustain & Maintain (Love’s Remix) – Big La vs. Todd/Blue… Kinda Grey
4 – Let It Go – Angelica Love Ross
5 – Somewhere – Alex Cortiz/Mood Food
6 – Seed – Keston and Westdal/Truth is Stranger
7 – s.i.p. – Boozoo Bajou/Dust My Broom
8 – All Around (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) – Bebel Gilberto/Telefon Tel Aviv-Remixes Compiled
9 – Sunrise [DJ Thunda & The K20 Allstars Mix] – Afterlife/Collections: The Best Songs of Ibiza’s Sunset
10 – Rood Beatz (Cornucopia Remix) – Afterlife/Lounge Ibiza Vol. 2

All of the above tracks featured on today’s podcast can be found on iTunes and Amazon.com.

I’d like to give a special shout out to Dionne…I know it’s been a moment, but I’d be remiss if I forgot the message a special friend of yours gave to me some months ago. I hope you enjoy today’s podcast.

Wishing all of you a great day as well. Thanks again for listening…

::: oceans of rhythm :::


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Mac Fan/Sys. Engr - NASA planetary missions. guitarist/producer/AFOL/fitness fan/film+TV+sndtrk composer/podcast host/Python newbie coder. Music by me: http://SFTF.bandcamp.com. Mellowly Cool. Find me on X and Bluesky
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6 Responses to Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 15 Aug 2010

  1. Madeline says:

    First and foremost, welcome back!! Your Sunday Soundtrack Podcast has truly been missed. It’s nice to see you return with some *really* great tracks! A few standouts for me this week include: ‘S.I.P.’, ‘All Around’, and ‘Sunrise’. BTW, who was on vocals for ‘Sunrise’..I love her voice! Sooo looking forward to your next installment of the SSP..including my drop..;-p


  2. Fresh says:

    ::: Madeline, thanks for the comment. So glad you enjoyed it. I’ll have to check discogs.com on the female vocalist, it may be the same one on Speck of Gold, but her name escapes me. Have a great one!

  3. Angela says:

    Welcome back!!!! This has truly gotten my Monday off on the right note. Have a blessed week!!!

    ~Peace & Blessings~

  4. macedonia says:

    To come back after a long hiatus and drop 4Hero’s “Morning Child” as the first song…that’s what I call a return. Your show is sorely needed, brother. You have definitely been missed. Very glad to start off my work day with this one…

  5. I am very flattered to have my music played on your podcast, but I have no idea where you got that song from, “Let it Go” That brought back some memories. That was a song I was working on when I first got Reason 3.0 music production software. That’s not even on my myspace either… I think “Spotlight”, or “Be strong” would be more appropriate for your cast… (and much appreciated if you could play one of those for your audience) You can find these songs on reverbnation.com/angelicaross or myspace.com/angelicaross

    Again, Thanks for the Love!

    Angelica “Jelly” Ross

  6. Fresh says:

    ::: Angelica – Wow, thanks for the commment, I definitely appreciate it. I’ve had Angelica Loves Ross for so long that it’s been in my iTunes rotation for a minute. Though it might not be on myspace now, I could have sworn I got it from there, as I’ve been using myspace to find good electronica for a while now. I’m going to download both Spotlight to be featured on a furture podcast! Thanks for the offer. Keep providing good music, I luv it!

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