A Day In The Life #1 – The Lab – 23 Oct 10: Yamaha TG77 Synth Strings

Just playing around with some of my rackmount synths, the Yamaha TG77, seeing what sounds I can incorporate into the balance of the CD project, as well as other ones.

I recently read a quote by Brian Transeau, remixer, film scorer, electronic musician and composer, in the October 2010 issue of Future Music:

“I have a little bit of sadness that people’s introduction to synthesis now is soft synthesis, because there’s so much joy in just putting your hands on a physical instrument with knobs, and they just sound so expressive and powerful. So I see the strengths in both and try to use them to their strengths”

Interestingly enough, I must have subconsciously recorded this video in agreement with that quote.

Sorry for the “eye test” at the end…still can’t seem to get the closing text big like that in the beginning! LOL.

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