Mint Condition – “7”: A review and sample flip

‘Sup crew…

Being the BIG MC fan that I am, I picked up “7” the day it dropped. I got it at Best Buy for the five bonus tracks all though REAL MC fans know that there are only 4 tracks (Cupid’s Hunt was released on the Walmart-only distribution of “Livin’ The Luxury Brown – Mint, you owe us a track! haha).

I’ve given the CD one listen through, and still assessing it in comparison to previous releases. Listening to it again, after I finish this post. Here‘s is a pretty decent review for you to check out.

So far, the only issue I have with the CD is that Shanachie, their new label, didn’t encode the tracks for CDDB, which means when inserting the CD into a computer with iTunes, the track data and artwork doesn’t automatically appear….#FAIL (hush Lis…:) )

On a separate note, I’ve been doing a lot of work in studio on my Akai MPC 1000, flippin’ samples and recording some tracks I may use in the future. Having a lot of fun re-learning the machine again, and plan to have it as an integral part of my gear setup.

A snippet of the track I did is below, done in all of ten minutes before I came into the office this morning. You’ll know the sample I flipped when u listen to the CD.


MC fans, pick up “7”, get the CD, don’t download the tracks which are already ALL over the net.

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One Response to Mint Condition – “7”: A review and sample flip

  1. anewlis says:

    Fahget the commentary – the ‘MCFlip’ is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! LOL Oh wait ~ I do believe you told me to hush? #FAIL!

    I haven’t purchased the CD as yet. Can you believe that? Something about my name NOT appearing on it (after 2 releases where it did) kinda killed the urgency! YES! I am that vain! LOL j/k … j/k (kind of).

    That stinks that they songs are labeled properly. A major pet peeve of mine. As for the music. I have to say I like this CD better than the previous (eLife) but still not as much as the earlier music. I’m all for evolution, and I’m always gonna rep MC. I give this CD an 8 out of 10 stars!

    BOOM! (a ha ha ~ Stokley’s new *thing* … and Derwin Davis on the TV Show ‘The Game’)

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