Chronicles of a Remix: I’m Walkin’/Mary Mary – Day 7

Sup crew…

Below is a short video on the status of the remix. This is a collab between me and Bill Cammack.

In the last update, I had just started chopping up samples from the timestretched vocal acappella. Analyzing the acappella is where I always start. Knowing the BPM is always helps, but if that isn’t readily available, you could always import the original track and use Logic’s BPM counter to determine what that is. Here’s a video he did on beat mapping for this remix:

There are a few ways to timestretch an audio file. What I find easiest to do (without using any external plugins) is to use Logic’s Time and Pitch Machine. Once you know what the BPM is of the original audio file, you enter the new BPM, and let Time and Pitch Machine run the Complex algorithm selection to stretch (or sometimes called time compress) the audio to the BPM you want use. The Complex algorithm setting seems to work the best in dealing with any problems from any audio aliasing resulting from the time stretching.

From that point it was adding some other elements from my sample library and arranging how I wanted them to be. My thought, throughout, was to have the mix include some dynamics to it…in terms of audio effects, at minimum (after all, this IS a dance club remix). THe first thing was to incorporate some delay on the samples. This is pretty much where I ended up going, while keeping focus on how I wanted the drum track to be.

Fast forward to some back and forth discussions with Bill on FB, and a collaboration was born. Bill has a good working knowledge of just not Ultrabeat, but Logic in general. I sent him an mp3 snippet of what I had so far and we went to work on it! The video clip below gives a lil background on how it’s been going so far.

That it’s it for the moment…stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Chronicles of a Remix: I’m Walkin’/Mary Mary – Day 7

  1. Bill Cammack says:

    Yes, Sir.. This project is fun & educational for me as well.

    I’m totally enjoying this interstate collaboration workflow. This is clearly the future of music. 🙂

    There’s no reason why two or more people that live anywhere in the world shouldn’t be able to combine their musical styles and tastes to create enjoyable, quality music.

    Also, asynchronous production is definitely “where it’s at” 😀 .. I’m writing this at 4:15 am in my timezone. Everyone should be able to contribute whenever they feel the most energetic, motivated and focused. Trying to get everyone to work real-time, at one agreed-upon time mitigates creativity for the people that aren’t feelin’ it at that particular time, IMO.

    Thanks for the collab invite. 🙂 .. The Future is NOW!!! >:D

  2. Fresh says:

    I don’t know if I could have said it better, bruh!. So, u are a night owl too, huh (re: 4:15am),,,ha! Wee hours of the morning is the best studio time for me! Looking forward to the birth of the finished product! 🙂

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