The Sunday Soundtrack – 07 Aug 11 – featuring Clara Hill

Greetings listeners. Welcome to another edition of The Sunday Soundtrack! It’s been about a nine month hiatus…whew…long time coming, but it’s good to be back once again. It’s been a hot summer this year…all the more better to bring you some CHILLED tracks to offset the heat. This edition of the Sunday Soundtrack features one of the smoothest female vocalists I have ever heard…the inimitable Clara Hill.

From her page:

Clara started to discover the power of voice in the eighties, when she was singing alongside some tunes by Madonna. At a certain point it was clear to her that she wanted to join and front a band. Aged seventeen, she founded the acid jazz combo Superjuice, together with her friend Funès. In the early nineties, at the height of acid jazz, the band toured through Berlin clubs, gathering a high-profile reputation. During these years, Clara made her first steps in live music. During one of her shows, she met DJ Alex Barck from Jazzanova, who was spinning records as a support DJ. In 1998 he introduced her to the producers of Extended Spirit (2/6 of Jazzanova): Stefan Leisering and Axel Reinemer, that produced a few tracks with Clara. Relaxed and easy, a friendship started with Stefan Leisering and Clara Hill. With him, the song “No Use”

Clara’s thick, lush, harmonies go so very well with the wide chordal arrangements that Jazzanova and other similar artists she’s work with that I have to describe her music by taking the first letter of her first name, and combining it with her full last name: CHill!

Without further adieu, I bring you the playlist:
1. Still Here – Aural Float
2. Reel Life (Evolution II) – The Cinematic Orchestra/Man With a Movie Camera
3. Reprise – Clara Hill/Best Of 3
4. Maybe Now – Clara Hill/Restless Times
5. Crush – Chevalier
6. I’m Here – Clara Hill/Restless Times
7. Flawless – Clara Hill/Restless Times
8. Under The Radar – Two Little Satellites
9. No Use – Jazzanova Feat. Clara Hill/In Between
10. Dub In Ya Mind (Blue Water Mix – Afterlife/Simplicity Two Thousand (Disc 1)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tracks as much as I do. Big shout out to my podcast massive for the ID drops in the podcast. Thanks for the encouraging words regarding the return of the podcast. An equally important shout to my regular and new listeners, as well. I appreciate you checking it out.

Clara Hill on

Official Website

Enjoy the day, night, afternoon, morning, or whenever you are listening to this podcast. For those of you on Twitter, feel free to follow The Sunday Soundtrack there.

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11 Responses to The Sunday Soundtrack – 07 Aug 11 – featuring Clara Hill

  1. Welcome back!!!! You were missed! 🙂

  2. Fresh says:

    Monica ::: Thank u soooo much! I appreciate the welcome!

  3. Angela says:

    “Don’t call it a comeback”….indeed!

    Sheer excitement overcame so I had to have a quick listen today rather than my customary Monday morning workweek kickoff session…

    Good stuff!!! I especially love when you do the featured artist podcasts.

    Welcome back and have an awesome week!!!

    ~Peace & Blessings~

  4. Todd Kelley says:

    Yes. It’s back ON!!!

  5. Fresh says:

    Angela ::: Thank you…..Such a great complement, I appreciate it. Wishing u a great week as well!!

  6. Fresh says:

    Todd ::: I getz ta roll with the big boys again….Thanks! What’s new, chief?

  7. TGrundy says:

    No matter how long some of us may stay away, my “Music Podcast Consortium” family members always come back “home” again. Welcome back, Fresh! My otherwise dull and dreaded Monday morning start to the week… just got a whole lot better!

  8. Fresh says:

    Todd ::: Always exhibiting brilliance in effect. Appreciate the welcome back, chief! Good to be amongst the MPC again!

  9. Madeline says:

    Lookatcha picking up as if you never left! 😉 Loves it, Dougie! Very mellow music…hard to pick a fave. I think I just became a Clara Hill fan..:-)

  10. Fresh says:

    Madeline:: Thanks for the listen AND the comment! It’s good to be back. Clara Hill….nuff said 🙂

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