Whistle while you work – what’s your fave genre?

Greetings all.

Yesterday’s topic about workspaces kind of leads into today’s topical pretty nicely – when you work (be it at a desk or anywhere else) what kind of music do you like to listen to (if any at all). Many times, unless I need to really concentrate (or just want quiet) on work items, I listen to music. The sources range from streaming platforms to minidisc to mp3 players to CD players.

My genres vary, but let me see if I can generally categorize them via the type of work done:

  • Housework/yardwork – 90’s era hip-hop (especially instrumental boom bap), funk, jazz (UK, contemporary), UK Garage (2-Step), Deep House, Rock, liquid drum and bass, atmospheric drum and bass, jungle
  • Deskwork (day job/other) and coding: Downtempo, chillout, ambient, chill step, lo-fi hip hop, jazz

I pretty much grew up on R&B, R&B which is considered as “old school R&B”. While it’s classic and legendary, it’s a genre that I listen the least to, probably because I’ve heard it day by day, decade after decade. The interesting thing about this is that it was highly commercial then with far more substance, across the board, than contemporary R&B. My reasoning for not engulfing myself in listening to old school is for the very simple reason being that as great as it is, it’s boring now. What I would love to hear is that same substance return with the same commercial heavy rotation it used to have BUT done my newer artists – commercial artists. I was telling a younger listener who is searching for such that she will mostly like find it in the realm of indie R&B artists, but definitely NOT in urban contemporary radio/streaming platforms today.

Ironically, I am typing this blogpost in utter silence…LOL. Sometimes I just want quiet…like now. 🙂

Thanks, as always, for the read.


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