You can’t spell challenge without….

Greetings. Let’s jump right into it. We know what the definition of “challenge” but how often do you impose them upon yourself? The focus of the question is not really a matter of frequency but do you think doing so is beneficial to you or do you find, at some point, during the challenge, the effort is fruitless or won’t bring you the intended return on investment you initially hoped for.

One thing I didn’t think of until tonight is the end result of accepting a challenge should result in some sort of change, even if the challenge is not completed.

As of this post, I set out to complete a number of challenges this month to close out 2022. They are listed below:

  • A minimum of 35 minutes of exercise for a minimum of 14 days (I’m shooting for 30)
  • At least on Nike Training Club workout a day (so far at at 100%)
  • Spending time everyday increasing my knowledge of financial investing (especially in tech stocks and crypto)
  • Finish up Chapter 9 in my Python Crash Course book while advancing in Round 3 in the #100DaysOfCode challenge

So let’s see…where do I stand so far?

*35 minutes min of exercise a day – Easy challenge, ROI: great.

*NTC workout – pretty much the same as the above. This ROI is great in the sense that it will get me back to using Nike Training Club workouts again. I’ve been using the app since 2017 but became less consistent over the last year.

* Financial Investing Literacy – One day so far…this is a bust BUT I will continue to strive and make time for it

*Python studies – (see Investing Literacy)

I was chatting with Roni Lyons…(THE Dr. Roni Lyons), that I don’t do New Year resolutions for one simple reason: Why wait until day 1 of the new year to start ANYTHING?? She can relate!

In the end, the best thing that can come out of time based challenge – is an ROI that essentially spells “consistency”.

That’s it for now. Got an early morning start tomorrow and I should be zzzzz.



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4 Responses to You can’t spell challenge without….

  1. Soulcruzer says:

    I find the challenges, if you’re doing them with someone, are like having a lifting buddy at the gym. On the days you don’t feel like going, you go anyway, because you don’t want to let you lifting buddy down. Take, for example, this 30-day blogging challenge: there have been days when I could have easily avoided writing anything and blamed it on being too busy. I wrote, despite being busy, because I didn’t want to let my blogging bros down. I like the 30 day challenge format. It allows you to focus on the activity one day at a time without worrying about the outcome.

  2. Dr. Roni says:

    Consistency and effort is everything!

  3. Fresh says:

    Very good analogy…even if I rarely have a lifting buddy LOL. The challenge is interesting depending how you want to approach it. There have been times where I have create multiple posts, sometimes 3 to 4 days ahead then have them auto-post (each on a subsequent day), vs doing one everyday. The end goal meeting challenge is a blog post a day, but is it more of a challenge if you create a one post at a time for each day or not? Depends hmm? I’ve learned a lot about this particular challenge and what I’ve earned will be told in the final post of this challenge.

  4. Fresh says:

    So it is!

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