2023 – The Rideout

10:37pm…sitting here (like many) on this day (well, night) saying “Where has the year gone?. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the “12 (final) days of 2024. Since I don’t do New Year Resolutions (I believe they are for procrastinators who don’t believe “there is no time like the present), from September 1st of thus year to the present, I’ve been thinking about and cultivating movements for the coming year. The most important overall move is to form habits out of creating systems. Systems are the foundation of reaching goals, but systems are nothing without enabling consistency, which in turn builds discipline. Easy to say, but remain as empty words unless actions/execution takes place.

So I continue, especially the continual thwarting of over thinking. In many cases (at least for me), the simplistic but heavy weighted Nike slogan, “Just Do It” carries a lot of weight. That said, I intend to remain up for that, as long as I keep that mindset at the forefront.

If you reading this, my wish for you and yours is a healthy, happy prosperous wideout of 2023 that will directly ride into 2024.

Peace be unto you.


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2 Responses to 2023 – The Rideout

  1. Clay Lowe says:

    nice “fresh” look. i think systems are important as well as chunking down—doing small things that lead you towards your goal(s).

  2. Fresh says:

    Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. Chunking down and doing the small things inevitable gets you to complete the larger task. As is said, the whole is the sum of its parts. Thanks for your contributions to these interwebz. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2024!

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