Halcyon Sky (Debut EP) – Day 10


Day 10. Ok, so each track on the EP is at some level of development. Some are ready to mix and master, some are just snippets that need to be arranged and so on, others are sort of at the midway point. As said in the last post, collaboration track with C3 is arranged and ready for mixdown – after I upgrade to Logic X. As seen from the photo above, this afternoon I’m finally taking time to prioritize the schedule so I can get this out at the desired time.

Now that the Studio A is finally back up and running, the last thing I need to do is install the Maschine 1,8.2 software OS to be able to integrate Maschine Mikro into my Logic workflow. I was thinking of leaking the artwork to your good people, buuuuuut I think I’ll wait. 🙂

Speaking of schedules, I really should develop a master schedule to include this other music projects I’ve got going. Can’t reach the destination in the best way without a path forward.

Enjoy the evening…

::: oceans of rhythm :::


Halcyon Sky (debut EP) – Day 2


So, we’re into another Snowpocalypse, which means I need to go shovel in about an hour. Until then, I’m down in the studio thinking about expanding the arrangement of one of the with further instrumentation, specifically via Massive. Massive is a software synth by Native Instruments. From my travels it’s widely popular for use in the dubstep genres but I’d like to leverage it for some nice textures on all the tracks for the EP, especially since it works as a great plugin with Logic 9. I love the synth pads and leads that come stock with Massive. Like samples, I’m always collecting presets I find on the net, and my Massive presets library is going. That library, plus the programmability of Massive, should keep me busy with a nice palette of sounds for the tracks

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 1.26.19 PM

Yesterday I heard from the sax player who’s laying a track for one of the songs. Seeing that he’s a decent keyboardist as well, he offered to lay a keyboard track that I could use in the song as well. Seeing it’s going to be on of Logic 9’s software instruments, I’ll get the project back from him and have the flexibility of using the keyboard instrument he chose, or substituting another one. Ah yes, collaboration can be a good thing.

I’m hoping to get “Deep” started with C3 by early next week. Today, I added some vocal samples and a placeholder synth bass line. More later….


Time to suit up…already anticipating a nice BIG bowl of hot soup when my snow date is over.

::: oceans of rhythm :::