The Sunday Soundtrack – 8 Aug 09

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Good day listeners…

It’s nice to return to presenting you another edition of The Sunday Soundtrack. Last weekend I revisited (against my will) some slight technical difficulties that eventually I’ll have to address and fix…I will get to that before the end of August. In any event, welcome back.

This edition of The Sunday Soundtrack brings more of an eclectic mix of the genres I like, but focuses on an artist feature again. This artist is one I connected with on Twitter, after seeing his request to find podcasters to feature his music on their shows (I love Twitter’s ability to network so easily). His artist name is Inner Light Spectrum, his actual name is Joe Pacheco. I enjoyed the tracks he sent me for consideration, as well as the email exchanges in the process. That being said, I decided to feature four tracks of his and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. They provide a nice offering of some great electronica. Here’s a little bit about Inner Light Spectrum:

Inner Light Spectrum  
Montreal’s Inner Light Spectrum is on the way to being one of the leading purveyors of ambient-based electronica. With talent like this, the top of the heap is the obvious destination. Inner Light Spectrum crafts aural treats that conjure some serious atmosphere, thick enough to carry the viewer away. The ambiance of Inner Light Spectrum’s alluring, absorbing creations is one-of-a-kind. 

The Artist at Work  
Music is always flowing, unstoppable, unquenchable, according to Inner Light Spectrum. “It just happens on its own.” Inner Light Spectrum has prepared an album’s worth of material, so listeners can anticipate some top shelf electronica. Inner Light Spectrum is also looking to work with other artists. “I’m always looking for talented artists and bands to work with.  

Without further adieu, here is the remainder of the playlist. Special thanks to Madeline for calling The Sunday Soundtrack Hotline and helping me build the playlist, by choosing the lead off track….Spirit. Also featured is a little collaboration between myself and Todd Kelley, remixer, music composer, and host of the many great podcasts of Flowink (World Wide Soul). This is my ID4 edit of his mix, entitled I am Lov….check it.

The Sunday Soundtrack – 08 Aug 09 (f/Inner Light Spectrum)

1 – Spirit – Monet/The Groove Boutique: Volume One
2 – Flex – Pitch Black Ape to Angel
3 – Algiers Dream – Ke Fez/Bar de Lune Presents: Arabic Beats
4 – Loose Tune – Skipless/Jazzamentals EP
5 – I am Lov (Fresh’s ID4 Edit) – Big La vs. Todd
6 – Cocktails in Paris – Inner Light Spectrum/The Path to Reality
7 – Flowing Divinity (ft. Garen and Iris) – Inner Light Spectrum/The Path to Reality
8 – Afternoon in the Park (Orbiting Dream) Ft. Dan Prudian – Inner Light Spectrum/The Path to Reality
9 – Forms – Inner Light Spectrum/The Path to Reality
10 – Snake Ranger – Fila Brazillia/Black Market Gardening

The music of Inner Light Spectrum can be found via the following links:

Inner Light Spectrum on Myspace
Inner Light Spectrum on YouTube
Inner Light Spectrum at Reverb Nation

Special thanks to you, Joe, for allowing me to feature your tracks…

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Wishing everyone a great week…