That’s The Way I Like It (B-side) – Slave/New Plateau (1984)


What’s up? Over the last month or so, I keep finding out real good things about Slave that I never knew about. Through the tribute post I did for Mr. Mark in March, I’ve received some great comments, an actual tag to the post on, and made many connects with other fans on Facebook. One connect I made was via a comment to the tribute post. A fan happened to send me a track I’d never heard of. It’s the B-side to “Ooooh”, from Slave’s 1984 LP, “New Plateau” This track doesn’t appear on the LP, and it was a pleasure to have this fan hook me up with hit. In case you haven’t heard it, it’s got all the tight elements that Slave had in their tracks around this time – signature vocal stylings and guitar of Danny Webster, Keith Nash’s drum work/programming, and that slammin’ bass line from The Hansolor. This entire track is tightI hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

That\'s The Way I Like It

Big up to Gerald W. for hookin’ me up with this track!


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  1. wayne foote says:

    hey y’all …yes this is wayne a. foote and i actually sung on every song on new plateau….floyd miller is in a duet with myself on share your love…..danny heard me singing e-z-lovin you and was very kind to tell me that bthis album was all mine for lead vocals….an unbelievable journey for me…..look out for my upcoming debut movie “the art attack……foot funk….owwwwwwwt

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