Health and Wellness Week: July 25 – 29 – Motivation to be well.

Hello all….

Hope everyone is well (no pun intended) This week is National Health and Welness Week and though we are into our second day of it, I thought I’d do a quick post in conjunction to what my friend Angela is doing over at hersite. One of the newer ways (over the last year) I’ve chosen to maintain health is through running (as most of you know). I find it t be a great, unemcumbered way to get good cardio exercise in. Combining that with a gym workout consisting of circuit and free weights makes a good process in getting that physical aspect of the health in.

While that maintains the physical part and does translate to the mental, there’s still that aspect of wellness that has to do how we choose to deal with, practice good thinking, and avoid those things (within our power) that can wreck our mental well being. This is the part I hope to expound on before the week ends, time willing…but as we all know …it tales motivation! Let’s strive for it.

In the mean time, time to start the grind, here’s hoping you have a great day.

Take care,


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