He makes the jump….to the iPhone 4.

Yes…the time has come for all good men…no, no…ok. Yes, I made the jump to the iPhone 4 today. The purchase experience was great. The same Verizon store salesperson that helped me with both Blackberries over the last 3 years, was there to assist, and everything went smoothly.

For those who are not on AT&T and/or didn’t know, they are offering the iPhone 3GS for free (annual two-year contract required). As I drove past the AT&T store, the line was out of the door and down the street (oooh, am I about to encounter the same at 8:15am?). No, no line. The salesperson told me many people pre-ordered. I’m a kinda basics guy and didnt see the need for the iPhone 4S (and frankly wanted to keep the extra money I would have paid, in my pocket). Basic black, 8GB iPhone 4 for me.

Ok, though I’ve been rockin’ an iPod Touch since 1G, all you iPhone experts out there, school me on your favorite apps for task and contacts management, as well as your fave Twitter app…they’ll be my main interests, as my 160GB iPod Classic is my main music player. Any other tips and tricks are greatly appreciated!

Great to finally be on board, at a great price!

Have a good day…

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7 Responses to He makes the jump….to the iPhone 4.

  1. Kenya says:

    Definitely use Google Sync for contacts and calendaring.

    For Twitter, I use Hootsuite and the official Twitter app.

  2. Racquel says:

    still “doin it” eh fresh! good for you — enjoy that IPhone, as for me, I’ll continue to swerve in the slow lane with my Samsung ….YOU have a great day!


  3. Fresh says:

    ~R: Thank you!!!

  4. Fresh says:

    Ok, you’ve convinced me to try it !

  5. rezzy says:

    Yay, Fresh! I’m still rockin’ the original and will likely retire it next year to strictly music playing status.

  6. Mary LuvJones says:

    Happy New Year Fresh!

  7. Fresh says:

    HEY! Same to you! Wishing you the best!

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