Incognito Interview: Bluey Maunick/Surreal – 19 April 2012

Greeting ‘Cog fans. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of talking with Bluey about the current release Surreal, the tour so far, and especially about the band Incognito. It was truly a blast to interview the leader of my favorite band since they hit the scene. I caught up with Bluey at his home late one Thursday night and he was gracious enough to grant the interview at the time. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks for talking with me, brotha, as well as extending thanks to Donna Mercer of Elements Of Jazz for recommending that I do the interview, his beautiful wife Takami for setting it up, and Incognito’s publicist, Rob, for providing me with pre-interview material.

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    5 Responses to Incognito Interview: Bluey Maunick/Surreal – 19 April 2012

    1. mindpinball says:

      Thanks for the interview with “Bluey.” Great stuff. Like you, I became an Incognito fan around the time of Positivity, when fate must have intervened to have me purchase that album, when I knew absolutely nothing about “Bluey,” Maysa Leak or even one note of any of those songs. From the opening track, I was not disappointed…and from then on I went back for Jazz Funk, Inside Life and Tribes, Vibes & Scribes (hmmm…see where you got your inspiration too), on through to Surreal, which sounds so great and reminds me of that day when I purchased Positivity all those years ago. Every album has some greatness, and I have loved all of them, but Surreal is one of their best.

      Again, thanks for the interview.

    2. Fresh says:

      Hey chief, thanks so much for the comment, I really appreciated it. Yeah, the inspiration for the title of my site is clear. Vibes = music and concert reviews, Scribes = everyday stuff. Thanks again.

    3. Fresh says:

      I really appreciate the comment, bruh and cant agree with your comment more.

    4. Neal Jackson says:

      Thanks Fresh for sending me the link. Enjoyed the interview with “Bluey”(how did he acquire that nickname?). I have been a fan since the Light of the World days & was lucky enough to see them live back in 79/80. As you know “Bluey” got together with Tubbs & Peter Hinds(from L.O.W) to form Incognito to record “Jazz Funk” & the rest is history. I have every album on LP or CD or both. They are also a great live international act as mentioned in your interview. As “Bluey” would say “One Love”.

    5. Fresh says:


      Thanks for the great comment! You too have the history down! I wish I would have been able to see what u have! Fantastic!

      Cheers, my brotha!


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