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Greetings readers…hope all is well with all of you. This is the first of what I plan to be many posts chronocling the start, production, and release of my first EP, Halcyon Sky, so I thought I’d take you on the ride :). A few of you know that as a musician/songwriter/producer, I’ve been involved in a bunch of different music projects over the last few years – AfterSix Productions with my long time biz partner/roommate-in-college, Dan McCollum, the current bands I play in, Divine Intervention Jazz Ensemble/Divine Intervention Praise Ensemble, working with local sax player Kelvin Wilson on our smooth jazz project “50/50”, DI Jazz and their CD project, which is underway, and as a church musician. Basically, I don’t know what boredom is. 🙂

While the AfterSix Productions project is final wrapping up for release (and a second project in the works already), I’ve wanted to do a solo project for years, as well. Like many composers, we all have *vaults* with songs in various stages of development. It turns out that over the last two years, I’ve amassed enough such tracks for five solo projects, Halcyon Sky being the first.

Some of you also know I’ve been doing a podcast called The Sunday Soundtrack since 2008. This podcast features independent artist tracks in the downtempo/chillout/smooth electronica/nu-jazz genres, in short, an alternative to mellow smooth jazz. Halcyon Sky will be a 10-track release of original songs I’ve composed reflecting those genres.

To date, one track is finished, the other nine are in various stages. I’m excited to present one track as a collaboration with two other talented artists, and two other guest appearances on two other tracks…details to come.

That’s it for know…updates to follow.

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