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Greetings readers. This is a blog post about…well, blogging. I, along with a few friends here on the net, did a fair amount of blogging in almost the last decade. This was when both Facebook, Twitter and the iPhone were just born. Needless to say, the instantaneous realism of social media’s ability to be constantly in your face was non-existent. It was then that many of us were blogging regularly.

Lately, (as I mentioned to my fellow blogger AND podcaster and geek brother DarrenKeith, we’re bombarded with social media notiifications and updates via our mobile devices and desktop computers that it seems blogging has gone by the wayside.

While I don’t profess to be a writer to any extent, blogging gives one a sense of ownership in a way that posting other media doesn’t (at least to me). So, once again, I think I’ll make an earnest effort to start blogging more – not with the hopes of gaining a large amount of comments (like all secretly desire on FB, Instagram, etc), but just moreso for the joy of expression and sharing via writing. Never know WHO will enjoy the read.


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