#100DaysOfCode – Day 7: Continuing on Codecademy/Python Crash Course

NP: Infinite: A 1 hour Chill Mix

It’s a been a few days since I’ve posted an update on this coding journey, but I will say this revised approach is netting me better results than the first two times around. So far, I’e completed the syntax portion of Codecademy’s Python course and using the book “Python Crash Course – A Hands On Project Based Introduction to Programming” (PCC for short). The book is a good addition because, even though it’s not a one-for-one follow, it’s providing some additional detail (let’s say a bit more advanced) for the sections that it does align with on Codecademy. For example, Codecademy has already giving a brief over of numbers (integers, float, etc), whereas PCC is just beginning to cover it in the next section after the syntax lessons I’ve just completed there.

The #100DaysOfCode campaign on Twitter is really helpful and encouraging. Seeing where everyone is in their personal journey is not only enlightening, but motivational.

In any event, enough coding for the night (or I should say early morning) – time to catch zzz.

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