#100DaysOfCode – Day 8 – Strings and things, a “method” to the madness – Python


Here I am…eight straight days into this 100 day code challenge and my understanding and progress is greater than it was the first two attempts of learning. I’ve been through learning a bit of Python syntax, to include strings (multi-strings as well), Boolean values, methods, numbers, and the like. I’ve learned enough to have finally started my personal programming project today. While, it’s just the beginning, I’ll eventually learn how to manipulate the data to be entered and code the right formulas to achieve the simulation results.

As said before, engaging with the Twitter community tweeting their journey with the hashtag in the title of this post, has been quite motivational, as well as helpful.

As most coders, I’m still up, it’s 1:52 am where I am. Not bad as I had eaten, not one but, two steaks, salad, two baked potatoes and desert about 10:30pm and didn’t want to go straight to sleep aftewards. The SpaceX launch of Telstar 19V lifted off at 1:52am EST, so I watched that through first -stage reentry (which was successful) and separation of the spacecraft into GTO. This stuff NEVER gets boring.

For now, it’s finally bed time.

Until next time….peace.


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