POTD – 17/365

“….Adele got a flip phone…”

Greetings all…

I’m a bit of a gadget monger. While I don’t keep every bit of outdated, dead tech (I’m about to throw some on eBay and Craigslist though), I have kept a few devices. Kept not only for nostalgia, but good memories of using them as my tech journey continued along. One item I fondly remember using is the Motorola Razr V3 above. It was my second mobile phone and I loved everything about it, from its sleek design, lines, futuristic look, operation, and form factor. After leaving it for two BlackBerrys and then the iPhone, I always wished I would still be able to use it on current networks. It was early last year that I actually became weary of all the convenient technological features (believe it or not) of my great iPhone and actually longed for the days of simplicity (and truthfully far less distraction) of a mobile phone.

Surprisingly, Verizon announced today that they are re-introducing the Razr V3 in limited quantities, only 200,000…but the cost of $1500 a pop…$1500?? No. I’m sure there are those with pockets deep enough to easily scarf one or two of these apparent “collectibles” up, but…nah. At the same time, I’m glad to see it back. If they were to release one at a far cheaper cost, I’d highly consider going back, even if Adele didn’t have a flip phone😏. (Sunny Mabrey is mad hilarious! LOL)



1. A New Motorola Razr Will Be Released This Year as a $1500 foldable phone | Android Central

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2 Responses to POTD – 17/365

  1. darrenkeith3 says:

    I still have my my Gold Razr. Yeah, that’s nuts. It’s a flip phone. I have been think about getting a flip phone (I would go through Straight Talk or something) and use it for when giving that phone numbers when going to stores and that sort of thing.

    I think of it like a Yahoo! account but for a phone.

  2. Fresh says:

    Dude.., nice! Check this out, instead of getting a flip phone and service just for that sole purpose, sign up for a free Google Voice number. I’ve been using two for almost 10 years now. That number will allow you to give it out instead of your actual mumber. When someone calls your GV number, it will be forwarded to your phone, but the caller never knows that. Also, when you call out using that number from your Google Voice app on your phone, it’s routed through another number that the caller sees, again concealing your number. Getting a GV number is free.

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