The (un)caffeine stop…

Happy Holidays to you. Today, I’m actually writing this blog post while mobile. Using the WordPress app for iOS is actually quite convenient, as it mirrors the desktop app quite well.

It’s been a pretty much laid back Sunday, heading into late afternoon as I type this, sitting in Starbucks. I’ve been a fan of Starbucks since the early 2000s, when a friend actually sent me a physical (pre-mobile app) $10 Starbucks gift card for my birthday. Ironically, though I’ve consumed it on occasion, I’ve never been a coffee drinker. I asked her to recommend a good drink to break in the card, and she recommended a Caramel Machiatto (sp). I’ve tried a few since then, but not being a coffee drinker, I’ve always been like “meh”. Incidentally, I just realized the title of this blog post is a misnomer because this Bava drink has 160 mg of caffeine…so much for the title.

As for other drinks, I’ve tried many of their green teas, hot and iced, and teas are essentially all I drink when I frequent this establishment – unless they stock bottled or canned drinks like the Bava Energy dtink above. One exception is, and always be, the canned iced nitro brew, which is super nasty, as well as their hot chocolate drinks which oddly seem to kill my appetite alllll the way….weird!

Anyway, I enjoy Starbucks for many of the same reasons many do. For me, specifically, it’s just a pitstop getaway to chill, gather thoughts, sometimes read, or conduct relaxed business meetings (most of which have been about the business of music production).

They’ll keep me as a customer, especially if people occasionally gift me with Starbucks cards, or I’m able to add them to the mobile app. I still have my original Gold card as well. It’s rare I order to go, I usually sit in the shop and enjoy.

Off to the next stop soon, then home. Have a great rest of your day.

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