Data Transfer – Pt 2.

Greetings. It’s 11:31 pm, Friday night. It’s been awhile since I posted a blog, as a matter of fact, the last post was at the end of the 30-Day Blog Challenge in November 2022, so I just decided to do a brain dump of a few things.

The tech world has been in a headsmen since that time, what with ChatGPT, advances in AI (which, I frankly prefer to call it really what it is – machine learning) and all the HYPE, and creation of various Twitter…umm, er…. X replacements that are planning on being decentralized and entering the fediverse.

I’ve been on Bluesky since April 20th of this year and joined at about 29,000 members. As of this post, it’s well over 300k now. I’ve seen a lot of things happen in the three months I’ve been a member, particular in their struggles to improve moderation. While I won’t get into the two major events that happened (you can do a web search on “Bluesky” “moderation” to find the top stories at places like The Verge and Engadget), the site is still in beta and continually growing. I’ve seen very regular posting members leave and the same type still there. For me, it’s been a social media site that I’ve had the most diverse group of people follow me and vice versa. I posted a question earlier about wondering what it would be like when it finally goes public. As for X, I joined almost 17 years ago when it was Twitter. Right now I still don’t plan on leaving until Bluesky offers what the aforementioned site can offer me for the past 16 years. I disagree and dislike a lot of what Elon has and is doing and often still have mixed feelings about staying on the site. What makes it easy (aside its offerings) is I’ve always made an effort to be aware of who I choose to follow and vice versa, keep my settings locked down in a certain way that allows me to keep a lot of what many hate off my timeline. In the end, I use social media as a tool and never take it seriously as some do (or some have to because their livelihood has grown to depend on it).

Work is very rewarding and continually challenging. At this phase, it’s really making me aware of time management and work-life balance.

Music production is my passion, and I’ve been applying the same productive-life balance in that aspect as well. As a matter of fact, time management considerations are heavy across different paths because of things I’m trying to accomplish. Without getting deep, I’ll keep striving.

Summer seems to be flying by and I don’t care for that realization so it seems I need to do things to put myself in a mindset not to think it is. Foundationally, this too aligns with the time management thing, feeling I don’t enough time to do what I’d like to do. The REAL truth of it is…I need more focus not more time. Achieving the former will take care of the latter.

I could go on but [Dump mode: OFF]. Back with another post in the future.


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