Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 22 Mar 08

Hello listeners! Welcome back to the Sunday Soundtrack.

HAPPY VERNAL EQUINOX (Spring has finally arrived….although the temps on Friday were NON seasonal…haha). In any event, bye bye Winter… I’m ready for spring and the birth of all things refreshing. Hope everyone is doing well. I don’t feel particularly chatty today, although I don’t really know if I’m ever seen as such in these blogposts….(I would say not but…). I will say that I like this particular assembly of tracks for this podcast edition. I went back and discovered artists such as Andy Caldwell and Sounds From The Ground. As you know, anything out of The Blackfish collective, I am thoroughly down with! I hope you enjoy this set as well.

I’ve started paying more attention to Myspace as well as The Podsafe and Creative Commons networks. They happen to be most excellent resources for the tracks I feature here. Virtual head nod to them both. With that being said, the playlist is as follows:

1. Invierno – Andy Caldwell/Pan Global Electro Lounge Vol. 1
2. deepster – attic tree/moving pattern session 1
3. Anagram – Dousk/D.I.Y.
4. Deepness Is Served – J. Axel/Deepness Is Served
5. 93 Reasons – Platonic/Sound In Color, Vol. 1
6. Eclipse On 5th – Sounds from the Ground/Brightwhitelight
7. Optymystic – Tom Middleton/Life Tracks
8. Stay Home And Chill – Headphonism
9. The Sweetness of Charity [spoken word] (The Groove 7 Edit) – Racquel
10. Destiny – Zero 7/Ultra Chilled

Next week…brand new tracks…I’m looking forward to bringing you those, as well as more material by yours truly…straight from The Lab. Stay tuned!

Shout outs to my podcast massive over there to the right (in my blog roll), keep doin’ it right! Special shout to Lady T for the drop today, as well as the *six* others you emailed me. Highly appreciated!

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I send well wishes to everyone…hope you are emjoying the morning/afternoon/evening/night…what ever time this post finds you.


4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Sunday Soundtrack – 22 Mar 08

  1. Excellent podcast, very mellow vibe. Perfect way to usher in the Spring….

    ~Peace & Blessings~

  2. Hey Fresh.

    After seeing the (new page to me), and listening to the soundtrack, I found it to be a very “fresh” vibe.. Keep doing your thing, and I’ll be back…..

  3. ::: Soulrific – Thanks for listening…and for the comment!

    ::: Angela – So glad u enjoyed it 🙂

    ::: PJ – Hey!!! So glad you enjoyed it, and glad you’ll be back. Welcome!

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