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What’s up follks? Hope all is well. In our last episode (my first run), I had issues with the iPod Touch seeing the sensor, but that’s old hat. Today I took my second (official) run, which incidentally was a run/wallk. I have no qualms about being a beginner runner, the most impoirtant thing is to get my form right and build up my endurance.

I got to the track about 7:05pm and found it full of activity – excercisers, runners, walkers, joggers. I walked two laps as a warm up and started the run. My current issue, as it is with most beginners, is the dreaded shin splints condition. I attribute it to the way my running form is. Since doing some reading and watching other runners, I thought that I’d try coming down on my toes/balls of my feet vice heel to toe. I tried that today and though I still suffered some shin splints during the run portions, it wasn’t as bad as this past weekend.

I happened to run into a long time friend who is also running for a reason. We chatted and caught up on stuff during the walk portions and he extended the offer to be a running partner…I might take him up on it. I do a lot better on the track than street running, at least for now, so I think that’ll be the plan.

Ok here are the run stats:

Weather: Overcast to rainy
Tenperature; Approx 80 degrees
Duration: 7:05pm to 8:15 pm
Distance: 1 mile
Time: 13:27
Run Type: Walk/Run
Run Classification: So-so.
My run stats at NikeRunning.com

As the skies grew dark, I did some calf raises for a few minutes. Surprisingly enough, that eased the shin splints a great deal, to the point where my lower legs weren’t feeling too bad at all.

That’s about it for now. Thursday, I’ll be back into my gym regimen (free weights and Cybex machines). Thumbs up for having a free, well equopped workout room on the first floor of my building.

Have a good one….


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