Pet Peeves of text (and similar) messaging communications 

“Did you get my text?”

Greetings all – hope all is well with you this week.

Text messaging nee SMS aka short messaging system. Frankly, this ubiquitous form of communication is still revolutionary and extremely convenient. It’s so helpful in so many situations and is a largely used time saver when there’s a need to communicate. I, like you, use it daily and I’m glad such technology was created.

That said, I personally feel there are definite downsides to using text messaging as a primary form of communications. When I say primary, I’m not assuming this includes in emergency cases, but moreso as a substitute for picking up the phone to actually talk to someone. I was talking with Darrenkeith sometime ago about texting vs talking on the phone. He prefers the former, vs the latter, for his desired way to communicate – which is totally fine – it’s a personality thing anyway you slice it.

For me, I’ve found that that many DO use texting as a substitute method for engaging in conversations longer than what I think SMS was created for (especially by virtue of its name! LOL). I think there are those (not all) who prefer to use it as a primary form communication expect others do also and think that the receiver’s phone is their possession 24/7. When someone asks me “did you get my text”, it implies to me they their message had some level of urgency above a casual “Hi” or similar. I, on the other hand (after being asked), say that it had zero urgency, if you couldn’t pick up the phone and call 🙂 . I think texting can also be like other non-face-to-face communication and can serve as a point of avoidance, whether that is true or not, can only be confirmed by the messenger. Oh, and don’t get me started on group text messages – while they can and do have utility under certain circumstances, most fo the ones I get are long and annoying – no offense to those that get wrapped up in them 🙂

Today I thought of a few friends I haven’t been in touch with for over a year, I started to text then to see what’s new, but decided to take the effort to make a phone call, the extra effort is old fashioned but I believe far more valuable. While you generally won’t save an audio conversation for later review (as you can with a text), the rest of the aspects of that audio conversation can leave a longer impression than any text message your can save in the cloud, IMHO.



4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves of text (and similar) messaging communications 

  1. I love this post Brother. You did not lie on me, that’s for sure when it comes to talking on the phone. LOL

    I talk on the phone when I have to and of course if you and I ever have to talk the “Ol’ fashion way” I’m there for you.

    You and I are roughly the same age so we came of age with the rotary phone, actual telephone glass booths, Ma Bell touch tone phone and so on.

    For me now I feel l Iiberated when I text (especially with emojis). Even though I’m the King of Ebonics I enjoy using words via print/blog/text.

    I think for me some of that comes from suffering from stuttering and stammering with words and not quick on my feet when speaking verbally that writing/texting gives me that freedom to express myself better.

    Again, I loved this post, you are right on so many levels. Keep em’ coming Brother. ✌

  2. I used to be a huge ‘talk on the phone guy.’ I use to work the phone like Jerry Maguire! Then someone asked my why don’t you use text? I started texting and was hooked. Now I’m.the king of texting and messenging. I rarely use the phone. In fact, when the phone rings, 9 times out of 10 I won’t even answer it, which is odd because I love talking hence why I love podcasts and audio and such. But I also love language and words. It was William Burroughd who said, “language is a virus.” It’s a technology that literally gets inside people’s minds and causes a reaction to occur. Words are magic!

  3. Appreciate the comment! I hear you loud and clear! I think the use of texting should be done by how it best suits the individual, you know the deal already!

  4. Clay, thanks for the comment. I hear you (no pun intended). Texting definitely has its place in the realm of usefulness.

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