Evening run + workout (11 Jan 11): Nike+

Greetings all…

Hope all is well with you. Yesterday morning I missed my run, so (by default) I decided to combine the run and workout in the gym. I’m glad to say that last night’s training was great. I ran my fastest mile this year, so far. It was cool to hear Tiger Woods say (again) “Congratulations, you’ve just ran your fastest mile yet!”. My approach this time (one I will adopt from now on), is to start the run out faster to gain time, then adjust the pace after (at least) 0.5 miles. Fortunately I didn’t suffer shin splints on the treadmill. I’m still investigating my running form so hopefully the longer I run (optimizing along the way) the less shin splints will visit me. Last night’s run stats are here.

I’ve got less than a mile to reach my next level on Nike+. For now, it’s time to get serious about the 5K training, and updating my gym workout training – weight training has never been difficult, but having a detailed plan is better than none at all.

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