Evening run + workout (09 Jan 10): Nike+

Last night before working out with weights, I took another run, this time on the treadmill. In hindsight, it was a run I should have forfeited, as I did less than a mile (0.74 mi), BUT, just wanted to see what doing two runs a day (this was a first).

The graphic above shows my current goal of complete 10 runs in two weeks. I’m hoping each successive run will get me back to where I was last summer…so I can improve on that, as well.

Over the next day, I’ll be formulating my training plan for my 5K this summer, as well as a more detailed bodybuilding (for lack of a better phrase) workout plan. Since I’ve been doing that for years, I know how my body responds to different exercises, but overall, if I’m going to develop goals for running, I should do it, in plan format, for workouts as well (including nutrition aspects). Fortunately for me, my metabolism is still high 🙂

More later. Today’s a recovery day, back to it in the morning. Have a great day…

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2 Responses to Evening run + workout (09 Jan 10): Nike+

  1. Angela says:

    Sounds like a plan! I’ve gotten back to trying to have a definite plan and specific, measurable goals. In the coming months I will be posting my findings, results, etc. as I’m still in the process of ‘feeling’ my way. I definitely find more inspiration in reading the triumphs of others…no greater learning process.

    Best wishes and continue

  2. Fresh says:

    ::: Angela – Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you have a great plan. Glad my posts can help, I have a feeling yours will do the same for me. Go get ’em!

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