30 Day Blog Challenge: 14 Nov – 14 Dec 2022

Greetings all.

I hope this post finds you well. Recently, via Twitter, a discussion ensued between me, Soulcruzer, and Darrenkeith, about our long love for blogging. The discussion started after DarrenKeith posted a recent blog and mentioned how much he enjoys blogging occasionally. The three of us have been blogging for quite some time, in various capacities.

My blogging started prior to me joining the microblogging platform we know very well as Twitter. I first began posting daily entries regarding my used of the Apple Newton MessagePad PDA back in 2001, on a website I hard-coded in HTML that was hosted on Geocities (talk about a throwback). Thanks to the good folks in the Newton MessagePad community it is now archived at the United Network of Newton Archives. My site, Newtonium-62: The Newton Messagepad Nanospace v1.1, can be found here, with a link to the blog, here.

After that pretty much folded, I started “officially” blogging back in 2007 when I purchased my first and most active domain, Vibes & Scribes (named after the prolific album by Incognito, Tribes, Vibes, and Scribes). The intent of this blog was twofold – daily postings of my musings and song/album reviews, the latter of which never really took off because of the work involved. Later on, the site also became home to my podcast, The Sunday Soundtrack.

As Darrenkeith and I often speak of, blogging is something that was never really commercialized for a very long time, it was more of your own space, your own digitally walled garden to do with what you please, without being subject to the rules and regulations of a social media site you signed up to. Once again, monetizing blogging was never a thing when we started back in the mid-to-late 2000s but, as we know, it has shifted to that and then some. This is obviously the same path podcasting has taken, which is a discussion for another blogpost.

As Darrenkeith says, I still enjoy self-publishing without rules and constraints…it’s liberating and I can change the facade of what I bring at whim, so it’s nice. Of course, everyone would like an audience but to obtain a regular one, it takes work, work meaning pushing your blogpost to larger platform mediums, using word of mouth, etc. It’s really no different than any social media content creation today. Therein lies the whole story in 2022.

I have tons of posts dating back to 2008 here, I hope that you take the time to enjoy them at your leisure and, as always, feel free to leave a comment.

Oceans of rhythm…


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5 Responses to 30 Day Blog Challenge: 14 Nov – 14 Dec 2022

  1. Soulcruzer says:

    And we are off! I’m looking forward to this challenge. I think it’ll be a good momentum boost to blog more consistently again. I share some of the same feelings about blogging as you do.

  2. darrenkeith3 says:

    Brother as always your posts bring a smile to my face and motivates me to write. I read the comment Clay (Soul Cruzer) left me and he hit on something…for the next 30 I will be writing to improve my skills.

    The next 30 days are going to be fun reading one another posts in regards to what is sparking out interest.

    Great post and always, “Iron sharpens Iron”

  3. Calandra Y. Branch says:

    Looking forward to it!

  4. Fresh says:

    Thanks for the read, as always!

  5. Fresh says:

    Let’s go!!

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